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100% Coverage Guaranteed
At Best Energy Conservation Inc., all of our rental Furnaces are backed with 100% coverage on all Parts and Labour with unlimited service calls! Experience the peace-of-mind which comes from our “rent and relax” program. We offer simply the best coverage in the industry- call us now to start enjoying!

Home Comfort You Can Count On
Best Energy Conservation Inc. offers fast, reliable, priority service for all of our customers. Just pick up the phone and give us a call- we’ll take care of the rest.

14.5 SEER/ High Efficiency
Higher SEER means High Savings. Replace your old, inefficient Air Conditioner- which may be operating at 8 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or lower- with an Best Energy Conservation Inc. 14.5 SEER, Energy Star Air Conditioner. What’s there to think about? Upgrade now and you may save up to 50% on the Air Conditioning portion of your Electricity bill.
Two stage heating means double the comfort. Unlike Single Stage gas Furnaces that operate ‘all on’ or ‘all off,’ an Ontario Consumers Home Services multispeed gas Furnace typically runs on low speed 90% of the time. When the outside temperature drops to 20 below, the Furnace quietly increases to high capacity to ensure a cozy home (no sweaters required).

R-410A Refrigerant
R-410a Means Better for Your Home & the Environment. Ontario Consumers Home Services Air Conditioning systems contain R410A refrigerant which does not contain chlorine, making it more environmentally friendly than R-22 refrigerant. R410A will help increase the durability and reliability of Air Conditioner compressors.

Cleaner Air
Cleaner Air means a cleaner home. Best Energy Conservation Inc. Furnaces come with a new Filter which ensures that the air you breathe in is clean. So, take a deep breath and take in all that fresh air!

Quiet Comfort
Best Energy Conservation Inc. Air Conditioners contain a three-bladed fan and louvered sound-control top which all contribute to a quieter system performance (so you can sleep through those hot nights).

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